Online courses run by you

Online courses run by you

Contipso Catalog offers the opportunity for modern interactive learning, interacting with the learner, assisted by a teacher and available in the most convenient form from various devices.

Main benefits for the the students

Unlimited access

You get constant access to your trainings, which you can access again and again, just when you need them.

Assistance from a teacher

courses giving the opportunity to communicate with teacher. Ask questions, submit projects, and discuss topics of interest to you.

Certificate of completion

Each the student receives a certificate upon completion of the training, which certifies the results of the training..

Adaptive design

Interface and training content fully compliant with the device from which you are learning. You get the most comfortable vision on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Interactive courses

Not just multimedia courses, but trainings that interact through interactive content, case studies, games and questions.

Training from anywhere and at any time

The platform is available 24/7 and you have the opportunity to train at any time convenient for you. The platform is internet based and you can access it from anywhere on the planet, where you are connected to the internet.

focus courses

Become an author

Use your knowledge. Create a course.
Say how much you would like for it.
Leave the rest to us.

Contipso Catalog offers a complete infrastructure for creating and providing interactive online learning, including impressive construction and design tools, as well as integrated payment methods

Contipso LMS for your company or organization

You would like to build quality,
engaging interactive trainings
only available for the the students in your organization?

Contipso enables different types of organizations (business companies, public organizations, universities, colleges, schools, training academies, etc.) to use all the opportunity to create and provide high quality interactive e-learning only for their employees/students.

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